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What is Kristen's Guide?

Kristen's Guide is a practical guide to a happy life, and includes articles, worksheets, checklists, calculators, printables, and helpful products all designed to help you take charge of your life, follow your dreams, and influence the world.

Topics focus on the most important aspects of life (e.g. family, relationships, outlook on life, health, achieving goals, creating a better world, protecting the environment, personal development, etc.) as well as the little things that make life easier (e.g. cleaning your house, working from home, tech support, how-to guides for projects, etc.).

Popular Sections on Kristen's Guide

Free Printables

Lots of free calendars, charts, checklists, and school tools to help you organize and improve your life, family, and business. The most famous section of Kristen's Guide.


Change the way you think about life and the world to instantly increase your happiness.

Get Organized

Organize your space, your time, your paperwork, and your life to help you reduce stress.

Managing Your Time

You already have enough time, now learn how to manage it to make time for things you truly want to do.


Tips about pregnancy and parenting to help you raise happy kids.


Methods to help you record your thoughts and your life anywhere, anytime with just a pencil and a piece of paper.


Tips to make traveling easier, so you can enjoy exploring the world.


Make those dreaded chores easier and safer.