User Agreement

By Kristen
Updated December 04, 2007

The Kristen's Guide™ website (referred to as "Site") is owned and operated by All Together Wellness LLC (referred to as "Owner").

This user agreement pertains to the users of the Kristen's Guide website, the Kristen's Guide Newsletter, the Kristen's Guide Updates blog, the Tidbits from Kristen's Guide blog, correspondence from the Owner of Kristen's Guide, products and services offered for purchase through the site, and product and services offered for free through the site. (Collectively these items shall be referred to as "Services".)

By accessing, viewing, purchasing, or using in any way the Services, you (referred to as "User(s)" or "Visitor(s)" or "Customer(s)") are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions in this agreement. If you disagree with any of these terms and conditions, you must cease using all Services.

The Owner may change this agreement at any time for any reason, and by using the services, you agree to these changes in advance.


The Owner controls and operates the Services from the Owner's office(s) in Oregon in the United States of America. Claims relating to, including the use of, the Site and the materials contained herein are within the jurisdiction and governed by the laws of the United States and the State of Oregon. Because the Services are available on the Internet, which is accessible by anywhere in the world, if you choose to use the Services from another location, you do so on your own initiative and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws. The Owner does not target any specific location, including locations outside of the stated jurisdiction.

Copyright, Trademarks, and Service Marks

All information, including text, logos, software, photos, illustrations, designs, graphics, sounds, music, and any other materials that appear herein, (collectively referred to as "Content") in the Services are copyrighted. All Oregon, U.S., and international copyright laws apply.

Kristen's Guide and all accompanying logos, brand names, and slogans are trademarks and/or service marks of the Owner. All Oregon, U.S., and international trademark and service mark laws apply.

Any other product names mentioned in this site may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Any advertisers may also have their own copyrights in the material presented.

License to Use Content for Personal Use

Permission is granted to copy Content in electronic or hardcopy format for personal use and reference only as long as all copyright, trademark or other proprietary notice that pertain to the material being copied is posted on the copies.

Regarding Distribution of Content

You agree that you will not reproduce, modify, transmit, publish, create derivative works from, display, distribute, perform, or in any way exploit Content in whole or part using any medium or form with the intention of distribution regardless of whether the distribution is offered for free or for sale or to an individual or group of individuals, including the public, without the explicit written permission of the Owner.

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When permission is obtained, the material must be distributed with obvious and accurate description of the source, including the name of the author (Kristen), the name of the website (Kristen's Guide), the URL of the website (, the title of the article or section the material was copied from, the date the material was written or revised (can be found on every page), and the words "reproduced with permission from the author".

If all steps for reproducing material as explained in this agreement are not followed, you may be subject to legal action from the Owner.

Communication and Suggestions from Users

You agree that any correspondence, information, or material that you transmit to the Owner may be copied, edited, and/or distributed in whole or part by the Owner unless the Owner and all other parties involved agree to confidentiality prior to the sending or transmission of the information.

Suggestions become the property of the Owner upon submission. The submitter of the suggestion shall not receive any compensation for originating or sharing the suggestion whether or not the suggestion is implemented, inspires other ideas, and/or benefits the Owner.

Donations from Users

Users have the option to donate or gift assets to the Owner. The Owner considers each donation and gift as a gratuity and is not required to refund the gratuity in part or in full. No gratuity shall be considered a part of any contract or agreement in any way.


The Owner makes no guarantees or warranties of any kind either expressed or implied. All services are provided on an "as is" basis and may contain errors and/or inaccuracies and can be modified at any time.

The Content and Services offered by the Owner is not a substitute for the advice of medical, legal, business, financial, personal, or any other type of licensed professional or expert. You agree that you should consult the appropriate licensed professionals before conducting any actions based on services offered by the Owner.

You agree that you will not hold the Owner responsible for the results of any actions you conduct, whether or not those actions are inspired by or based on the Content or Services of the Owner.

While using the Services hardware on your computer, computer peripheral devices, computer programs, or other electronic device used to access Services (collectively referred to as "Devices") may be utilized to display information or perform actions. You agree that you will not hold the Owner responsible for any damage, errors, or loss of data that may occur on or to your Devices either directly or indirectly from using Services or viewing Content.

Services may contain links to and contact information for third party websites and organizations. Some links occur in the form of advertisements. You agree that you will not hold the Owner responsible for any content, services, or actions as well as consequences resulting from the use of content, services, or actions that occur on sites linked to from the Services or by viewing links to those sites, including advertisements.

The Owner will not be liable to any User or Customer for any damages beyond what the User or Customer has actually paid to the Owner.

Privacy Policy

The Owner may collect the following information from Users: the page you are looking at on the Kristen's Guide site, your IP address, the URL that referred you to the page you are looking at, the type of browser you are using, the language your browser is using, the applications and plug-ins and file types your browser accepts, your operating system, your screen resolution, any information you voluntarily input into forms, your email address if you purchase a product or service from or give a gratuity to the Owner, your email address and any information sent by your email server if you send an email to the Owner. The information noted in this paragraph may be collected by the Services host servers, third-parties, forms, email or cookies and may be sent via email to the Owner or retained in a data file on the host server or by a third-party and viewed by the Owner to identify problems with and improvement opportunities for Services and marketing of Services. You agree to provide the information described in this paragraph.

Some Services may be handled by one or more third-party individuals or organizations. Please contact those third-parties to learn their privacy policies. Third-parties may provide the Owner with User information (e.g. email address, name, etc.), and the Owner has no control over what information third-parties collect, provide to the Owner, provide to other third-parties used by the Owner, or provided to other third-parties not used by the Owner or how third-parties use that information. By using the Services, you are also agreeing to the policies of these third-parties and any other third party services used by Kristen's Guide:

The Owner does not collect personal User information, except information voluntarily given to the Owner knowingly by the User, for the purpose of marketing (e.g. junk mail, spam, etc.). The Owner will not sell or give your personal information to third-parties except as necessary for the delivery of requested Services.