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Updated November 24, 2007

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Your site makes some great points! Max Weiman, author of A Simple Guide to Happiness

Max (Missouri, United States)

I am so glad I found your website. It has helped me get organized! I have two small boys who get homecooked meals so infrequently, that when I make them Ramen noodles they are thrilled!!! I now have a plan to attack my life!?! Thanks!

Stephanie (Missouri, United States)

Good writing on letting go of judgment.

Roger (Hawaii, United States)

Hi Kristen, just had to let you know that I have visited your site several times and plan to keep coming back. I love your honesty and your willingness to help others. Please never stop writing. You are so very talented. Thank you for your friendly advice and sincere concern for others' wellbeing.

Teresa (Illinois, United States)

I found just what I needed. Your "How to Record Genealogy Data" I looked at every book in my public Library, and ever genealogy book at the local Borders and Barnes & Noble book stores. Nothing there! All of the books are about searching, not a proper way of notating data. I have been sharing data over the internet and there should be a better way of keeping everyone on the same format. And there is! Thank, and I will return after I have digested your wonderful comments!

Dave (Maryland, United States)

Will your site have the weekly DATED schedule forms (events/mission/menu/chores/notes) for 2007? I used them for 2006 and they are very helpful. Thank you very much for your wonderful website.

Laura (California, United States)

Outstanding website!  I got a lot of fabulous ideas, and will be checking back often! Good-job on the weight loss You have really inspired me.  I hope I can do it too!  

Martha (no location given)

I'd like to say how validated I felt reading your article 'Why Babies Cry'. ...after reading your article I realized that ... I should be proud of my relationship with my son. Babies do not only communicate though crying. My son is constantly communicating with me through sounds and body language, by paying a lot of attention to him I have instinctively been learning his language and responding to his needs before he gets so frustrated that he needs to cry. I suddenly feel very good about my intuitive mothering and that's a breakthrough for me. Thank you.

Mie-Mum (Blue Mountains, United States)

I'm not only enjoying your weightloss diary, I'm inspired by it. Thanks for being so forthright about your progress.

Catherine (Washington, United States)

I am a mother of a four year old as well as a 10 month old who works full time and have been seeking tools to organize my time at home. Thanks for such great planning calendars. I hope to use them to plan everything from chores, menus, shopping, general to do's, fitness and quality time with my family. I searched several sites and could not find anything that would work well for me until I found you! Thanks so much!

Malee (Arizona, United States)

Just wanted to send you a compliment. Your site is one of the best Sites I have come across since I've discovered the net. Real information for real people. Congratulations!

Maria (South Australia)

I Googled "blank calendar pages" and came up with millions of matches. I tried 6 or 7 links before I found yours and I am SO GLAD I kept looking. Your site is the first one I found that was geared toward family organization. Most of the sites offering calendar software or downloads were designed to attract the business sector. I just want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! I am going to your home page now and check out all of the other cool stuff!!!!

Liz (Colorado, United States)

Cool site

Peter (Massachusetts, United States)

I found your article regarding how to start jogging. It was not only current (most articles I came upon were a few years old), but it was also very useful. Thank you so much for this great info!

Sonja (Pennsylvania)

Thanks a million just what I needed!!

Anonymous (no location given)

You have a pleasant website and I am enjoying reading several things from it. I too design and maintain websites.... I just wanted to let you know, that some people do appreciate the information which you have available on your pages, and they are most useful to ones personal life.

Liz (South Africa)

I home school my child and love the printables they have come in handy. Thanks.

Christina (Tennessee, United States)

Kristen you ROCK!!! I read a bit about you and you remind me so much of ME! It is so refreshing to hear that I am not the only person that spends their spare time obsessing and learning and writing things down in journals all over the house. I still can't seem to get to the point of feeling organized. Never any closure around here lol. Just wanted to send a friendly hi and thank god for our craziness. :)

Susan (Alberta, Canada)

Great web site - it's helped a lot. My sister was diagnosed with OCD a few years ago and after talking with her it seemed I had a few slight traits that I could control (repeating numbers in my head or patterns). It reared it head hard this year after the birth of my daughter in May.... It scared the heck out of me. From what I've read it seems normal for people with OCD. Thanks so much and again, thanks for putting this on your site!

Lisa (Massachusetts, United States)

I've just stumbled across your web page. You've certainly done your homework. Great reading. Well done.

Sally (Australia)

Fabulous site! I can really relate to your opinions. I was expecting a religious right wing approach. Not that I'm opposed to religious beliefs , but I am opposed to those beliefs becoming law. At any rate, I must say I totally agree with your posted opinions. As a mother of a 21 year old gay son and the sister of a gay brother, I really appreciate your stance and, most of all, your courage to post it on the internet. Thank you for this site. I know I will refer to it regularly.

Evelyn (Texas, United States)

Good service

Frank (no location given)

I have been looking for a workout calendar and a strength log for some time. I was never able to find one that would work for me. Yours are perfect for my workout. Thank you.

Rhonda (Arizona, United States)

I'm not sure why you started this web site but you've done a great thing! I'm a single mother of 4 children. My 9 year old child is SEVERELY handicapped. I'm always needing graphs, calendars, etc., to make things more organized in my home and to make sure my sons' schedules get followed by his nurses and that they are very clear. Your information has been a god send to me!

Cris (Texas, United States)

Thank you for all the hard work you created. It has made my life easier.

Kristy (New York, United States)

THANKS!!! It helps to have found something that might just make peace in the house! I never know where to start and the chore list has helped.

Rebecca (Texas, United States)

Kristen, you are my hero. I read your bio and about all the mental health stuff you have to deal with and you remind me so much of me. Except you seem able to channel it into some really creative stuff. I don't have OCD but am dealing with ADD big time and start 20 projects a day and finish maybe 1 of them. Without your daily chore list every day would be like I had to reinvent the wheel. I copied the daily chore list months ago and still have to refer to it multiple times per day to re-focus myself. You have probably saved my marriage and kept my kids from having to wear moldy smelling clothes to school every day. See, you are my hero!

Donna (Massachusetts, United States)

I have just spent ...probably 2 hours on this site, printing off things and Getting started on Organizing a household Binder. I also came across some of your financial advice which is really solid and I have printed off some of that.... Last year the dominos started to fall [for me] and I realized I needed to be more proactive. It's big, but I think I found what I needed right here.... I just wanted to say thank-you for letting me print things off for free. I think you are an awesome person for putting up this site and helping maybe many like me...a sort of "pay it forward".

Lenora (Alberta, Canada)

I just wanted to say you are totally hilarious. You had me cracking up on your symptoms list, because although DH and I are still TTC, I can totally understand the understatements of those stupid pregnancy books we are all compelled to read. I was feeling uncharacteristically moody tonight and you gave me a well received laugh. Thanks and best of luck to you and your website hobby!

Courtney (Texas, United States)

I printed some of the health form pages and love them! What a great idea to change with small habits and the initial health exam. I've made forms for myself in these areas for years, but I really like yours better. I'm using the weekly menu planner, the daily, weekly chore guides, daily goal log and the initial health exam with the quarterly health eval. I even did the food log and I've always avoided those since it seemed too much bother. But yours are easy to follow and complete. So thanks! I like your site and marked it a favorite and intend to keep it for reference and inspiration.

Judy (no location given)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting this out there. I won't go into my long, detailed gradual descent into PPOCD/panic disorder. But I will tell you, that I've had a time of it, its been horrifying and time consuming.... Thank you so much for posting info that is useful, valuable and accurate.

Jessica (Arizona, United States)

I really enjoy your website! I was just looking around and found your website on "The Fruggle Shopper". I really enjoyed looking at your plan for the anxiety and depression/ OCD. Just about all the symptoms you describe having, I have too. I printed out your journal on what you do doing the day and I am going to try it for myself (just so you know I used the back of paper I already printed on). It actually gave me a high! Imagine that! I guess it is the OCD in me. I also will be making my own book for organization and I really enjoyed the planners you made for students. I homeschool both of my children ages 14 and 17. Anyway, keep up the good work and know that I am praying for you.

Debbie (Florida, United States)

Just wanted to drop a quick note and tell you how much I like your website. I suffer from manic-depression and list-making is one of the things that helps me to organize my thoughts, etc. You have a lot of useful information on your site.

Janelle (Virginia, United States)

Thanks so much for your site...lots of great information. I LOVE the printables...especially the one with the Week, time schedule for more than one person with menu and chores as well. GREAT! Your time spent in doing this is appreciated.

Deanna (Washington, United States)

Love your site!!

Vanessa (Texas, United States)

Just a brief note to say I appreciate your website. I found it by accident sort of while looking for a household cleaning schedule. I printed out your daily & weekly chore list and information. Then stumbled upon the section about mental health. I for the first time in my life have major depression at the ripe age of 40...But it was nice for you to share some of your symptoms, problems and treatment ideas. It came to me on a particularly dark day, so just want to you to know I appreciate your site and information.... Thank you and happy mother's day.

Christine (Florida, United States)

I've wanted to tell you this before and your "newsletter'" today reminded me:  you are such a wonderful person --  I am so sorry to hear about your father's passing.  I love your website and I find it especially admirable that you take the time to share your learning experiences with others, so that they can benefit from them.

Gabriella (no location given)

Thank you so much for providing such uplifting information on postpartum OCD. I have this along with anxiety and I wanted to thank you for your great information.... Thank you. Thank you.

Meredith (New Jersey, United States)

I really enjoy your site and loved reading your bio! We sound a bit alike! I have searched for the type of help that your site has since I lost control of my life by having twin boys. The first year and a half was fine but then they took over, now I have a hard time being organized. I can plan all I want but they don't always follow the plan (LOL).... Thanks

Doretta (Michigan, United States)

I just wanted to thank you for such great help and advice!...Thanks again for your help!

Anonymous (no location given)

I really like your website. I had a question about flossing and you answered it very clearly. You also helped me out with some things I have had on my mind for a while. Thank-you! keep it up!

Anonymous (British Columbia, Canada)

I wanted to thank you for the information on your website. I am a RN in OB and also teach childbirth classes. I hand out your website to all my students. I cannot teach everything there is to know in the allotted time I am given. Having your website gives my students factual, up-to-date and relevant information. Thank you.

Tara (Georgia, United States)

I love your site. I can't believe you're just giving this information away. Have you ever considered becoming a professional organizer?

Kathy (Illinois, United States)

I was searching on Google for "effective filing system" and I found your website. It is informative and you have done a great job on creating this website. It helps me a lot and I have just bookmarked it. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

Amy (Hong Kong)

Thank you so much!!!! I don't think I can ever thank you enough! I'm obsess with being organized, but I don't want to spend so much money one it either! When I found your page, I was so happy. Thanks!

Amy (California, United States)

WONDERFUL site!! I've been surfing the net all day and this is the first clear/organized amount of information.

I just found out I was pregnant yesterday. The information - especially about the vitamins was very helpful.... Let me know if you have any other creative or interesting ideas.

Katie (Maryland, United States)

I just want to thank you so much for your information. I just found out I was pregnant, but continued to have a "period" for the first 2 months. Your site was the most comforting I found. I was spazzing out, because most of the information on the internet says it's not possible, or you're having a miscarriage. Thank you for sharing your experience. I come back to your site over and over again.

Jackie (Maryland, United States)

Thanks for a great website. I am a list maker too and have a 2 month old boy. Found this site helpful for travel, etc. I made a donation. Thanks.

Sam (no location given)

What a great site. Hubby and I are both Packrats and are trying to change our ways. Your site is easy to read, use and navigate.

Paula (New Brunswick, Canada)

I just wanted to say thank you. This site has been so useful. My daughter is due to arrive in March and I now feel a little relieved that my shopping list is finished. I was a little nervous not knowing what to buy. you've not only answered all my questions but you even added the quantity to buy.

Thank you,

Anonymous (no location given)

I love your site. It has really great information. When do you find time to study so much? I love the fact that you love to learn.

I do have a lot of questions.


Pam (no location given)

Your site is wonderful! I just discovered it because I'm sick of always going to BabyCenter. I LOVE your Truth about Pregnancy--my husband and I were laughing like crazy. Thanks for the real tips and ideas--it's so easy to feel that I'm not doing pregnancy "right" and your pregnancy/baby stuff makes me feel great. Thanks so much!

Andrea (Illinois, United States)

Hi Kristen,

I absolutely LOVE your site!!! It is so helpful.

Thank you so much!!!!

Carol (New York, United States)

...I found a lot of your information very interesting. You seem to be very educated. I respect people like you who are willing to help.... I will keep reading. Thanks for your hard work. I am sure it has been quite beneficial to many.

Reina (Maryland, United States)

Thanks to your 'How to give yourself a manicure/pedicure every week' advice my hands and feet look great.

Katilyn (Oklahoma, United States)

I am a Physician Assistant.... I have a Blog...that I just started...because I wanted to provide my patients with the same resources I use without having to cope the downloaded pages etc... Could I cite and refer to your site in my blog?


Bruce (North Carolina, United States)

Thanks for your wonderful informative site. I'm traveling overseas for the first time in a few days and the info sure helped relax my mind. Little things I hadn't thought of like putting the destination address etc on my suit case was a real help.

Keep up the good work!

Maria (Australia)

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