By Kristen
Updated on October 19, 2007

Word Lists

Speaking: Words to Use Instead of "Said"
Onomatopoeia: Words that Make Noise
Extraordinary: Words to Use Instead of "Very"
Big Things: Words to Use Instead of "Big"
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The Psychology of Writing

Passion for Writing
Every Writer Sucks
The Shame and Guilt of Being a Writer
Writer's Anxiety

The Business of Writing

Protecting Your Work
Writing as an Art vs. Writing as a Trade
Freelance Writing Ideas
Building Your Writing Portfolio

Story Structure

Working Backwards to Make Your Plot
The Premise / Theme
The Concept
The Three Act Structure
The Hero's Journey
Creating Characters
Creating Conflicts
Setting and Scenery: Creating Worlds
Be Realistic in Your Fictional World

Writing it Down

Learning to Write
Breaking Rules in Fiction
Writing Exercises
Respect Your Audience
Writing Descriptions
Show More than Tell
Getting to Know Characters
Making Powerful Sentences
Timing and Pace
Finding the Poet Within
Working with Dialogue


Using Scripts for Book Writing
Script Treatments
Script Formatting