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Genealogy: Making Your Family Tree

By Kristen
Updated October 19, 2007

Genealogy is not about just finding out who you're related to (although that is the primary component of it). It's about history, your history, and who you are. It's about where you came from, why your family seems so weird, and appreciation for those who worked hard so that you could exist. It's about stories and pictures, love and sorrow. It's about realizing that if just one person in your ancestry made one decision which resulted in a change of events you might not be here today. It's about everyone who has come before you and all of the people who will be born because of you. It's about how each person, no matter how insignificant they seem, has a legacy and influences the world. It's the ultimate realization of how each of us is important and necessary and the best way to honor your ancestors.

How Big is Your Family Tree
Why Bother Making a Family Tree
Goals of Genealogy
Gathering Your Genealogy Supplies
Genealogy Sources
Potential Sources of Family Info
Where to Find Sources
How to Record Genealogy Data
Citing Genealogy Sources
Sharing Your Work
Getting Started on Your Genealogy Project
Organize Your Genealogy Project
Genealogy Etiquette
Common Genealogy Mistakes
Interviewing Family Members

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