Request Permission to Reprint an Article or Printable

By Kristen
Updated Dec. 10, 2012

If you would like to reprint an article or printable from Kristen's Guide in your publication (e.g. website, newsletter, book, magazine, etc.), please request a reprint license by filling out the form below. Samples of your publication may be required for approval. Commercial publications may require a reprint fee. Non-profit organizations may have fee waived and may appear on a list to recognize and promote the organization.

You MAY NOT use the article, printable, etc. without first receiving a reprint license unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Requirements for Reprinting

All reprinted printables must include headers and footers as they appear on the printable. Cropping off or covering up headers and footers is not allowed.

All reprinted articles must clearly include 1) the words "Written by Kristen" below the article title, and 2) the words "Reproduced from Kristen's Guide ( with permission." And if the article is an electronic document, 3) a clearly visible, functional link to must be included.

Attn: Teachers

Please note, permission is automatically granted for distributing items free of charge to students in your classroom or to other teachers, but you must obtain a reprint license if you wish to distribute items schoolwide or include them in a school publication.

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